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Smart home technology generally refers to any suite of devices, appliances, or systems that connect into a common network that can be independently and remotely controlled. When your home technology works together in one system, it can also be referred more loosely as a “connected home”. For example, your home's thermostat, lights, audio speakers, TVs, security cameras, locks, appliances, and more are all connected into a common system, which can be controlled from your smart phone or through a mobile touch screen device.

Smart home automation allows you to tap into high-tech functionality and luxury that wasn’t possible in the past. As technology development continues to expand, so will the possibilities for consumer home automation to make life easier and more enjoyable.

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What We Do


TechAccess Solution is a leading provider and installer of Smart Home Automation Devices for home owners, installers and developers. You can control your smart home devices including lights, switches, outlets, and thermostats using your smartphone or PC. Create Schedules, Scenes and Alerts for a seamless and comfortable home.

Our smart home system fit your home, lifestyle and personal routine to deliver the best possible energy savings, entertainment and comfort. You get complete home awareness and control at all times – no matter where you are! All achieved through secure and efficient wireless technology.


Our Security Cameras keeps you connected to your home or business anytime, anywhere. Check in on your staff while at the office, keep tabs on the nanny while at work, or find out who’s intruding.

The cameras offer advanced local and remote monitoring and surveillance systems which bridge the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use and affordability. With their high quality and robust design, the cameras allow you to securely monitor your home, small business or medium to large enterprise. The camera systems are designed to record and deliver live video and audio to you anywhere in the world


Our security alarms detect intrusion or any fire outbreak in your home. Protect your home with our advanced security alarm systems. Our smart systems offer 24/7 security monitoring and remote control through smartphone of your door locks, sensors, cameras and doorbell. With our alarms, cameras, motion sensors, door/window sensors, smart door-locks and more – the options are endless when it comes to keeping tabs on what’s happening in your home or business.

You can now have peace of mind all at the touch of a button. Keeping you, your loved ones and your business safe is our utmost priority.


We provide footfall & people counting technologies for retail, shopping malls, banking. Our modern 3D video-based people counting IP cameras are embedded with video & WiFi analytics for maximum accuracy and reliability and upto 98%.

People Counting data helps you make well informed decisions about your business. You can use the data to figure out the conversion rate of your store(s) which can help you asses marketing campaigns, optimize store performance and efficiently allocate your staff according to visitor traffic resulting to better value in terms of revenue, profit and efficiency.


With our hosted cloud PBX, all the costly PBX hardware and multiple carrier connections are removed from the equation. What’s left are only the components needed to enable voice and data communication over a single, secure, and highly efficient data connection.

Our PBX creates flexibility for your business. The number of users and concurrent calls can all be resized according to your various business needs, helping you easily adjust to every opportunity. Move your company’s phone services to the cloud that is a highly reliable, affordable and secure.


Smart Access System provides controlled and monitored access to controlled or restricted areas. Most Smart Access System use biometric verification system. System available includes:.

  • Human Resource Clockin Time Biometric System
  • Biometric Door Locks
  • Digital Lock Systems


Options depend with choice of bulbs and the underlying system. Some of the options include:

  • Ambient/natural light controlled lighting system
  • Time controlled lighting system
  • Motion sensing light system (Lights go on detection of human motion.)
  • Varying light intensity Lighting System
  • Varying Color Lighting System


There are two variables under Smart Gate automation of an existing gate

  • Smart Automation of Existing Slide Gate - A slide gate automation require minimal customization, it takes the least time
  • Smart Automation of Existing Swing Gate - A double swing gate is most common gate.

Benefits of Home Automation

  • Managing all of your home devices from one place - The convenience factor here is enormous. Being able to keep all of the technology in your home connected through one interface is a massive step forward for technology and home management.
  • Flexibility for new devices and appliances - Smart home systems are flexible in the accommodation of new devices and appliances and other technology. Addition of devices to your suite as you replace older ones or discover new technology to accompany your indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly makes your job as a homeowner much easier, and allows you to keep upgrading to the latest lifestyle technology.
  • Maximizing home security - Incorporating security and surveillance features in your smart home network makes your home security to skyrocket. Home automation systems can connect motion detectors, surveillance cameras, automated door locks, and other tangible security measures throughout your home so you can activate them from one mobile device.
  • Remote control of home functions. - Don’t underestimate the power of being able to control your home’s functions from a distance.
  • Increased energy efficiency - Depending on how you use your smart-home technology, it’s possible to make your space more energy-efficient. For example, you can have more precise control over the heating and cooling of your home with a programmable smart thermostat.
  • Home management insights - There’s also something to be said for your ability to tap into insights on how your home operates. You can monitor how often you watch TV (and what you watch), what kind of meals you cook in your oven, the type of foods you keep in your refrigerator, and your energy consumption habits over time. From these insights, you may be able to analyze your daily habits and behaviors, and make adjustments to live the lifestyle you desire

What Our Customers Say


I always had a dream of living in a futuristic house with every possible thing automated and after working with them on my apartment the result was beyond what I imagined.


Hired them to work on installing security systems at the office and they did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them.


Worked with SmartHouse on automating my barber shop and installing security systems. It was fabulous. My shop is now classy and "sci-fi-ish".

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