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100+ Free and Premium Website Templates

Free and Premium Website templates, Layouts and Themes. Amazing inspirational web design ideas. The website templates are responsive and user friendly.

Website Templates By Elly Wambwa

Elly Wambwa is a software developer, graphic designer and digital marketer. Using all my skills I create beautiful, fast and responsive web templates. I design cms templates including WordPress themes, make high-quality home pages, landing pages, portfolio websites for support, contact, services, and terms according to the modern web standards. Sites can be quite different, presenting corporate business, professional websites, blogs, consulting, business services, marketing websites, sites for a travel agency, fashion & beauty , games & sports web templates and audio & video streaming websites built with layout variations and the latest proven technologies.

Get Free And Premium Website Templates

There are free site templates including a wide collection of CSS templates suitable for making a multi-purpose responsive website and they are extremely easy to customize. There are also premium website templates which can be purchased at an affordable price. Payments can be made via MPesa, Paypal, Skrill, Netteller, bank transfer among others provided on this website. Premium templates ca be purchased exclusively or non-exclusively. For an exclusive website template the template will be sold to you and nobody else. For non-exclusive purchases I, the designer reserve the right to sell the template to as many people as possible.

Buying Responsive Web Templates

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Looking for a full-stack developer, graphic designer or digital marketer willing to join your team? Please reach out. I am currently open to co-operation on new and existing projects either as a solo developer, a team player or as a team leader (-at whatever capacity-).

My wish is a totally stress-free consultation process between you (-the client-) and I. So please contact me through any of the contact media on this website that you are most comfortable using at any time of the day (-24/7 support-).

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